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forty-five degrees
is an open collective of architects and designers dedicated to the research and critical making of collective space.

45° North: half-way between the equator and the north pole, the center of gravity of Europe, the watershed between the Mediterranean of our idealism and the Northern seas of our pragmatism, an arbitrary border that thousands of migrants attempt to cross.

45° C: the highest temperature ever recorded in several European cities in 2019. It is a symbolic, yet very tangible reminder that we can no longer postpone a societal shift towards degrowth and circularity.

45°, x=y: a straight line produced by the perfect equivalence of two terms, the parity between chromosomic differences, the interchangeability of alternative identities.

45°, diagonal: the  balance between verticality and horizontality, top-down and bottom-up. It is a belief in democratic processes. It is a refusal of all absolutisms and prepotence.

45° proposes an oblique perspective on space-making, a view that goes beyond the façade of things and looks at their hidden corners and at the edges that define their realm of existence.

45° imagines design as a possible territory for emancipation. We accept all nuances of reality but we refuse compromises. We envision an architecture which is open, generous, non-discriminatory, anti-colonial. We value humbleness and care.